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Minelab X-Terra 505 10.5 "DD Coil 7.5kHz

The advanced capabilities, high working depth and great distinguishing feature of X-Terra 505 is the ideal choice for use anywhere that takes your experience and performance to the next level.
Equally at home on both land on the beach, the X-Terra 505 is now equipped with the entire frequency range..
Hinta: 429.00 €480.00 €

H507A+ X4 STAR PRO with TX, GPS, Waypoint, Follow Me

HUBSAN H507A PLUS X4 STAR PRO with Bluetooth Connected Transmitter
Impressive Capabilities in a Small Package.

X-Hubsan APP supported
iPhone or Android supported (smart-phone not included)
Included Bluetooth signal amplified transmitter that can control the drone through..
Hinta: 149.00 €

Word Search -suihkuverho

Word Search Shower Curtain
Bathroom Gift
Beat boredom in the shower with this word search shower curtain. Unscramble the wash words from the deluxe puzzle. Good clean fun!
Hinta: 8.00 €18.90 €

FMS Easy Trainer 800mm RTF White

FMS Easy Trainer 800mm RTF White
If you are looking for an easy to fly and affordable introduction to the exciting world of Radio Controlled flight then the 800 Easy Trainer is the aircraft for you.
Enjoy the thrill of R/C model flying with this Ready-To-Fly 800 Easy Trainer. In a matter..
Hinta: 172.00 €