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Brahenkatu 5b, 53100 Lappeenranta

Racing Pack 7,2v 5000mAh NiMh Tamiya

Racing Pack 7,2v 5000mAh NiMh Tamiya

X Battery type: NiMH X 6 Cells 7.2V X 5000 mAh X Connector: Tamiya X Dementions: 133x45x23mm..
Hinta: 59.00 €

Futaba 4PLS

The first Futaba surface system with telemetry!
Built on the success of the first radio ever to win the coveted "Basher-approved" award from BigSquidRC.com, the 4PLS adds the ability to read and display four critical racing data as you drive. You can also record them for later reference. Telemetry..
Hinta: 354.00 €

mahtava äänikone

Koneessa on 16 erilaista ääntä mm. aina tarpeelliset pieraisu ja röyhtäisy.
Hinta: 8.90 €

B&T5 A4

Product Details:

Name Designation: B&T5 A4 (MP5-A4)
Manufacturer: ASG
Fire Selector: Safe, Semi, Fully Automatic
Magazine Capacity: 200 Rounds (High Cap)
Feet Per Second (FPS): 360 (0.20g (Downgrades Are Available From Patrol Base))
Powered By: Electric
Recommendations: 8.4V 1600MaH Nimh Block..
Hinta: 169.00 €

imukuppi jääkaappimagneetit

Mini Plunger Fridge Magnets - Pack of 5
Fridge Magnets
Mini plunger-shaped magnets, with more suction than any other magnet! This set of mixed colours will bring new life to any fridge.
Hinta: 4.00 €8.90 €