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Vintage Felt Letter Board with Wooden Frame

Leave sweet messages for your partner or children on this letterboard with wooden frame. Apart from home, this board is very suitable for restaurants, shops or banks. The board is made of plastic, is black and measures 45 x 30 cm. The letters..
Hinta: 42.90 €

Albrecht AE6110

ALBRECHT AE 6110 - The Power Dwarf! A CB radio in Slim-Line format.
The ALBRECHT AE 6110 has all the essential functions you need. The highlight: With a width of only 10cm and a height of 2.5cm, it finds space even in a small space. With its die-cast housing it is very stable.
►All European..
Hinta: 75.00 €

Cobi Tiger 131

Hinta: 46.00 €

Mining Truck 1:24 HOBBY ENGINE 0708

Product Details: Max. Range: 100m / 330ft. Frequency: 2.4GHz 100% like the real machine All parts can be individually operated Electronic speed control Digitally proportional Can work with rocks & sand Professional painting
Product Size: 445 x 220 x 330 mm Scale: 1:24
Battery Requirement:..
Hinta: 194.00 €


Wide band directional antenna for LTE, GSM, DECT and UMTS. Suitable for 790 to 2700 MHz, which covers most data services (GPRS, EDGE, HSPA). Very solid construction, weatherproof. Gain max. 11dBi. The antenna comes including 10m H-155 low loss antenna cable with SMA (male) connector. Vertikal polarisation..
Hinta: 72.00 €