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Wide band directional antenna for LTE, GSM, DECT and UMTS. Suitable for 790 to 2700 MHz, which covers most data services (GPRS, EDGE, HSPA). Very solid construction, weatherproof. Gain max. 11dBi. The antenna comes including 10m H-155 low loss antenna cable with SMA (male) connector. Vertikal polarisation..
Hinta: 72.00 €

Pusheen Iso Pehmo

Iso Pusheen pehmo, kaksipuoleinen, toisella puolella kissa nukkuu ja toisella puolella on hereillä.
Koko: 40 x 30 x 15 cm
Hinta: 33.90 €

Gens Ace 1600mAh 40C Li-Po Akku 7.4V

Gens 1600 mAh 40C 2S1P 7.4V 11.8Wh
Hinta: 22.80 €

Word Search -suihkuverho

Word Search Shower Curtain
Bathroom Gift
Beat boredom in the shower with this word search shower curtain. Unscramble the wash words from the deluxe puzzle. Good clean fun!
Hinta: 8.00 €18.90 €

Dino Poo

Brick containing fossilised dinosaur faeces (genuine coprolite) and excavating tools to extract them. Place the brick on a flat surface and chip away at it with the hammer and chisel, slowly revealing the hidden fossilised dinosaur matter inside. Once extracted, the brush can be used to clean up the..
Hinta: 9.90 €

Spectrum PLA 1,75mm SILVER STAR

Using Spectrum PLA Filament you 3D model will obtain:

warping resistance
durability and stability of printout
high quality

PLA is a material that succeeds at printing durable, decorative and solid printouts. 
Using PLA from Spectrum Filaments guarantees a stable printout. 
PLA advantages:


Paino: 0.85 kg

Hinta: 42.80 €