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Valtakatu 30, 53100 Lappeenranta

Video Glasses

Virtual Screen size:72 inch Video Resolution:300*224mm Display:of FLCOS Chromaticity:256 Life span:50,000 hours
Hinta: 99.00 €

Gens Ace LiPo Akku 5000 mAh 7.4V C50

Gens ACG LiPo Akku 5000 mAh 7.4V 37Wh C50
Hinta: 68.00 €

Futaba 4PLS

The first Futaba surface system with telemetry!
Built on the success of the first radio ever to win the coveted "Basher-approved" award from BigSquidRC.com, the 4PLS adds the ability to read and display four critical racing data as you drive. You can also record them for later reference. Telemetry..
Hinta: 354.00 €

Maxam LiPo 6200mAh 7.4V

Maxam LiPo 6200mAh 7.4V
Hinta: 78.00 €

My Little Pony T-Paita Lasten (keltainen)

Tuote tilapäisesti loppu.
Hinta: 16.90 €

Tattu 1800mAh 75C Li-Po Akku 11.1V

Tattu 1800 mAh 75C 3 Cells 11.1V 20Wh
Hinta: 38.40 €