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Valtakatu 30, 53100 Lappeenranta

Devil Design PLA 1,75mm 1kg VALKOINEN

Diameter: 1,75mm Dimensional tolerance: +/- 0,05mm Roundness: +/- 0,02mm Manufacturer: Devil Design Weight: 1kg net Spool diameter: 200mm Spool width: ~ 70mm Diameter mounting hole: 52mm Recommendations: Hot end: 190-205 oC Heating bed: 60-70 oC It is recommended to use a cleaning sponge filament..

Paino: 1 kg

Hinta: 32.80 €

Pusheen Palapeli

Pusheen Palapeli, 200 palaa
Hinta: 7.60 €

Poynting Antenni 650-2700MHz

Suited for 800 MHz & 1800 MHz & 2600 MHz: no matter what, you are ready to go!
Cable included, SMA connector fit on all routers
Directional antenna with great gain

Directional antenna for all LTE-Bands! Finally, a directional antenna that can be used for everything. Due to the enormous frequency..
Hinta: 130.00 €

6mm 0,25g air soft kuulat 3000kpl

6mm 0,25g 3000kpl airsoft kuulia. Myymme ainostaan 18 vuotta täyttäneille.
Hinta: 9.80 €

Tattu 1400mAh 45C Li-Po Akku 11.1V

Tattu 1800 mAh 45C 3 Cells 11.1V 15.5Wh
Hinta: 18.90 €