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Hobby Engine Premium Label Crane Truck 1:18 2.4GHz RTR

The Hobby Engine Premium Label Crane Truck 1:18 2.4GHz RTR Electric RC Construction Vehicle provides hard hat time indoors or outdoors for kids of all ages. This scale model features twelve functions that can all be operated from the transmitter and that operates and works just like the real thing! All..
Hinta: 235.00 €

Pusheen Iso Pehmo

Iso Pusheen pehmo, kaksipuoleinen, toisella puolella kissa nukkuu ja toisella puolella on hereillä.
Koko: 40 x 30 x 15 cm
Hinta: 33.90 €

FMS Easy Trainer 800mm RTF White

FMS Easy Trainer 800mm RTF White
If you are looking for an easy to fly and affordable introduction to the exciting world of Radio Controlled flight then the 800 Easy Trainer is the aircraft for you.
Enjoy the thrill of R/C model flying with this Ready-To-Fly 800 Easy Trainer. In a matter..
Hinta: 172.00 €

5.8Ghz 200mw A/V Transmitter

8 Channels , 5.8gHz A/V 200mw transmitter. Built in microphone Voltage: 3S - 4S LiPo Current: 150mA (no load) Ch1:5705mhz , Ch2:5685mhz , Ch3:5665mhz , Ch4:5645mhz , Ch5:5885mhz , Ch6:5905 , Ch7:5925mhz , Ch8:5945mhz Tämän lähettimen käyttö vaatii luvan! Esim. käyttö radioamatööri luvalla, tai Viestintävirastolta..
Hinta: 68.00 €

vedestä pomppaava pallo

Water Bouncer Ball The Bullet
Outdoor Gift
Make a splash outdoors with The Bullet - Water Bouncer - the bright, bold and bouncy ball that hops, skips and jumps on the water!

Koko : 5.5cm..
Hinta: 5.90 €