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My Little Pony T-Paita Lasten (keltainen)

Tuote tilapäisesti loppu.
Hinta: 16.90 €

Hubsan Akku 380mah

Varaosa Akku 3.7V 380mah.
Hinta: 9.50 €

Spectrum PLA 1,75mm SILVER STAR

Using Spectrum PLA Filament you 3D model will obtain:

warping resistance
durability and stability of printout
high quality

PLA is a material that succeeds at printing durable, decorative and solid printouts. 
Using PLA from Spectrum Filaments guarantees a stable printout. 
PLA advantages:


Paino: 0.85 kg

Hinta: 42.80 €

Devil Design ABS+ 1,75mm 1kg MUSTA

Material: ABS+ Diameter: 1,75mm Dimensional tolerance: +/- 0,05mm Roundness: +/- 0,02mm Manufacturer: Devil Design Weight: 1kg net Spool diameter: 200mm Spool width: ~ 70mm Diameter mounting hole: 52mm Recommendations: Hot end: 235-255 oC Heating bed: 90-100 oC It is recommended to use a cleaning..

Paino: 1 kg

Hinta: 32.80 €

Telescopic Selfie Stick

Telescopic Selfie Stick Extendable mobile phone holder that allows you to make selfies more easily. This selfie stick reaches up to 117 cm. A must-have of the season. Thick, metal stick makes it comfortable to use and to handle your phone. Features: - telescopic mobile phone holder for selfies..
Hinta: 8.90 €

Hobby Engine Premium Label Crane Truck 1:18 2.4GHz RTR

The Hobby Engine Premium Label Crane Truck 1:18 2.4GHz RTR Electric RC Construction Vehicle provides hard hat time indoors or outdoors for kids of all ages. This scale model features twelve functions that can all be operated from the transmitter and that operates and works just like the real thing! All..
Hinta: 235.00 €