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Luottokortin kokoinen monitoimityökalu

Luottokortin kokoinen monitoimityökalu!
Ruostumatonta terästä oleva mahtava monitoimityökalu jota on helppo säilyttää vaikka lompakossa.
Mukana tulee säilytystasku.

toiminnot mm.: * tölkin avaaja * veitsi * ruuvimeisseli * mitta (5cm) * korkinavaaja * 2 mutteriavainta joissa yhteensä 6..
Hinta: 6.90 €

Boscam 7" LCD with sun-shade, 4000mAh, TX &Tri-pod mount

The latest Boscan FPV LCD monitor is here. The RD2 has a 7" screen size and it includes dual 5.8GHz AV receivers and a built in LiPo battery. • Galaxy D2 FPV LCD RX - RD2 • 5.8GHz 2 bands / 32 frequencies • Built in speaker • Flip-Up sun shades • Adjustable mount for wire..
Hinta: 298.00 €

Futaba 4PLS

The first Futaba surface system with telemetry!
Built on the success of the first radio ever to win the coveted "Basher-approved" award from BigSquidRC.com, the 4PLS adds the ability to read and display four critical racing data as you drive. You can also record them for later reference. Telemetry..
Hinta: 354.00 €

Turtles T-Paita (vihreä)

Tuote tilapäisesti loppu.
Hinta: 19.90 €

Vortex R10 Sport WP Brushless ESC (45A, 2-3) Deans

The Vortex R10 Sport WP 45A is a high-performance sensorless electronic speed controller for 1/10 scale on-road and off-roas cars. Thanks to its proven technology and hardware this is the perfect choice for beginners using entry level cars. The Vortex R10 WP 45A can be used with LiPo batteries with 2..
Hinta: 86.90 €

B&T5 A4

Product Details:

Name Designation: B&T5 A4 (MP5-A4)
Manufacturer: ASG
Fire Selector: Safe, Semi, Fully Automatic
Magazine Capacity: 200 Rounds (High Cap)
Feet Per Second (FPS): 360 (0.20g (Downgrades Are Available From Patrol Base))
Powered By: Electric
Recommendations: 8.4V 1600MaH Nimh Block..
Hinta: 169.00 €