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Brahenkatu 5b, 53100 Lappeenranta

Gens Ace 1600mAh 40C Li-Po Akku 7.4V

Gens 1600 mAh 40C 2S1P 7.4V 11.8Wh
Hinta: 22.80 €

Fighting Infra Red Tanks

TWO TANKS INCLUDED IN THE SET !!! The large scale infrared  battle tank details 3 tone desert camouflage, full function controls,rotational turret, and realistic driving, turret movement and gunfire sound effects. Combat strikes are recorded via the infrared emitter and receiver causing simulated explosion..
Hinta: 64.80 €

Dino Poo

Brick containing fossilised dinosaur faeces (genuine coprolite) and excavating tools to extract them. Place the brick on a flat surface and chip away at it with the hammer and chisel, slowly revealing the hidden fossilised dinosaur matter inside. Once extracted, the brush can be used to clean up the..
Hinta: 9.90 €

Racing Pack 7,2v 5000mAh NiMh Traxxas

Racing Pack 7,2v 5000mAh NiMh Traxxas

X Battery type: NiMH X 6 Cells 7.2V X 5000 mAh X Connector: Traxxas X Dementions: 133x45x23mm..
Hinta: 59.00 €

5.8Ghz 200mw A/V Transmitter

8 Channels , 5.8gHz A/V 200mw transmitter. Built in microphone Voltage: 3S - 4S LiPo Current: 150mA (no load) Ch1:5705mhz , Ch2:5685mhz , Ch3:5665mhz , Ch4:5645mhz , Ch5:5885mhz , Ch6:5905 , Ch7:5925mhz , Ch8:5945mhz Tämän lähettimen käyttö vaatii luvan! Esim. käyttö radioamatööri luvalla, tai Viestintävirastolta..
Hinta: 68.00 €

Newtonin kehto

Newtonin kehto 14cm korkea
Hinta: 9.90 €