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Brahenkatu 5b, 53100 Lappeenranta

Maxam LiPo 6200mAh 7.4V

Maxam LiPo 6200mAh 7.4V
Hinta: 78.00 €

Dino Poo

Brick containing fossilised dinosaur faeces (genuine coprolite) and excavating tools to extract them. Place the brick on a flat surface and chip away at it with the hammer and chisel, slowly revealing the hidden fossilised dinosaur matter inside. Once extracted, the brush can be used to clean up the..
Hinta: 9.90 €

Newtonin kehto

Newtonin kehto 14cm korkea
Hinta: 9.90 €

Gold Panning Kit

Gold panning activity kit that includes a miner's pan, tools and a bag of gold enriched gravel. The guide clearly explains how to pan for gold, instructing users to pour the gravel into the pan and gradually sift through it using techniques made popular during the California gold rush. After a little..
Hinta: 8.60 €