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Albrecht AE6110

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ALBRECHT AE 6110 - The Power Dwarf! A CB radio in Slim-Line format.
 The ALBRECHT AE 6110 has all the essential functions you need.
The highlight: With a width of only 10cm and a height of 2.5cm, it finds space even in a small space.
With its die-cast housing it is very stable.   ►All European CB standards ►S-meter, 6-stage ►LED displays for RX and TX ►Receive sensitivity (RF gain) ►Channel 9/19 Direct dial key (EMG) ►Pressurized housing ►4 Watt AM / FM ►Automatic noise suppression (ASQ), 9-step adjustable   Further features: Channel selection buttons on the microphone Channel scan (scan) -Keylock Jack for external speakers Dimensions: 104 x 100 x 25 mm -Weight: 450g   Conversion option for licensed amateur : 10m amateur radio band, 400 channel mode: 25.610-30.105 MHz, 8 watts