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Minelab Standard Safari

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Possessing Safari is a hidden treasure for your fingertips!

Being equipped with the latest Minelab FBS broadband multi-frequency technology, Safari offers both the best depth, accuracy and sensitivity necessary and important - it all makes the Safari detector, which is designed detektoristile who requires the ease and power!


Safari uses the ground due to the peculiarities of the signal disturbance in a fully automatic digital filter, which is the latest advanced settings - This feature provides you with the same simple and detector behavior in all kinds of different locations and soil types.


Safari is equipped with an innovative "high content Refuse" setting, which will update the target identification number of readings and audible tones even when the detector move very quickly to each other adjacent objects. This innovation allows a great find in the deep-lying highly conductive metals, even if they lie low conductivity (eg iron), or next to the items below. It also helps in this function even better, before the excavation of the object to determine what material the object is still the case, saving you valuable time


The detector is equipped with four pre-programmed seadeaga:

  • coins;
  • Coins & Jewelry;
  • relics;
  • all metals


Each individual program is set to optimum settings that characterize the findings of the program falling, allowing you to maximize your work efficiency for the operator.





  • Ultra-lightweight 11-inch DD waterproof search coil, which offers the best capacity, excellent depth and exact location of the object.
  • Four pre-programmed search mode - coins, coins / jewelry, relics and all metals.
  • Four stored user mode.
  • Linear -10 to +40 scale-discrimination. Enable / disable the functionality and ease of discrimination.
  • Fully automatic and manual sensitivity settings.
  • The exact location of the object with a set of visual display and audible signal to accurately determine the location of the object.
  • The high amount of rubbish device - ensures fewer false müntide- and relics quest.
  • Threshold settings 0-40 scale.
  • Localities valjuduse Signal Setting - Allows the user to select a suitable sound valjuduse.
  • Noise aside - the lowest and most stable fully automatic channel selection.
  • Menu structure - an intuitive menu structure for quick and easy setup of the detector. Clear findings depth gauge, finding a numerical setting finder graphic icon display (coins and coin / jewelry mode), the mode indicator and a graphic showing what diskrimineerimismuster metals are allowed and which are prohibited.
  • LCD display - 64 x 128 pixels Contrast + opportunity to setup.
  • 2 partial stem is long bottom half to provide additional configuration options for maximum comfort.
  • A well-thought-out design and excellent balance distribution provide the best comfort for long days of search.